About the Dashboard

Everything in one view

Connect your ad accounts and centralize all your data into one easy-to-read dashboard. Adriel’s Dashboard allows you to conduct convenient analyses with customizable reports, metrics, views, and data uploads. Get a clear view of your campaign KPIs and achievement rates using real-time data.

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Customize your dashboard

We know you’re busy and need reports quickly and conveniently. With Adriel, you can easily build a streamlined dashboard and organize it based on your needs – it’s a dashboard that tells you what you want to know.

Game-changing action

The secret to success is taking the right action at the right time. In reality, however, it becomes very difficult to complete even the simplest of actions when using multiple tools with different layers of organizations.

With Adriel, you can be sure to always take the right action at the right time.

Excel reports on demand

Good PPC reports share a compelling story about your data.

With Adriel, you can download professional Excel reports to understand your metrics more easily.

Collaborate with team members

If you want to manage your ads with your teams, you can add them to your workspace. You can also manage permissions by creating teams with different access levels within your workspace. Adriel’s Workspace uses a dual-layer permission system that makes sure each member has the permissions they need for each feature and ad account.

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