Adriel's advertising policy

Adriel complies with the advertising policy of the advertising platform and the laws and regulations concerning the products and services subject to advertising. Advertisements and accounts found to be in violation of these matters may be arbitrarily deleted, and advertisers who have committed repeated or serious violations may be prohibited from using Adriel's ads

  • Financial, blockchain and loan advertising
  • Advertising on cosmetic and diet products
  • Medical advertisement without medical advertisement review certificate
  • Adverts related to adult products and content
  • Gambling, Casino, Lottery Advertising
  • Advertising related to luxury resellers, replicas, and imitations
  • Advertising related to NFT and Bitcoin brokerage

Google, Facebook, and Instagram review the platform's ad policy before posting ads, and no non-compliant ads are posted. Most ads are typically reviewed within 24 hours, but may take longer for other reasons.