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How to connect Amplitude to Adriel

Detailed instructions to help you set up the data source for Amplitude.

First of all, you need an Amplitude account in advance. 
If yes, please move to Adriel's Connections page.

1. Type "Amplitude" into the search bar.

2. Enter three given fields and click the "Submit" button.

  • Name: Enter project name or any readable name is sufficient. 
  • API Key and Secret Key can be found in the Amplitude organization settings page. 
    (Please refer to the below instructions to get the API Key and Secret Key.)

3. Enter any identifiable name for the given field and click the "Submit" button.

Now, you are done! Please wait, your data will arrive soon. 

How to get Amplitude API Key and Secret Key

1. Access to your Amplitude account.

2. Click the settings icon on the top-left of the landing page. It will lead to the Organization settings page. 

3. Click "Projects" on the left menu bar to view all your project lists. 

  • Select one project that you want to connect data to the Adriel dashboard. 

4. By clicking one project's name, it will lead to a general description of each project. 

  • API key and Secret key can be found on this page. 

5. These steps can be repeated to connect each Amplitude project to the Adriel dashboard.