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Connect to Appsflyer

How to set up the data source

1. Your Appsflyer account must include a premium subscription plan that offers Master API access.

2. Follow the steps below to find an API in the AppsFlyer dashboard.
"Top right account > Security center > Manage your AppsFlyer API tokens"

3. Copy the API token V.2.0. This will be pasted into the space for "Token" (see Step 6).

4. At the AppsFlyer dashboard, enter the value shown in the image below in "Account Id" to be selected in step 7.
"My Apps > Available Apps > Red box ID"

5. Search "AppsFlyer" to link your account.

6. Paste the token you copied in Step 3 into "Token" below. Then click the "Submit" button to proceed to the next step.

7. Select the Account ID that you want to connect. 

8. Finally, click the "Submit" button below to complete the data connection and you are done! Please wait, your data will arrive. It can take up to one working day.