How to connect MySQL to Adriel

Detailed instructions to help you set up the data source for MySQL

Lastly modified on: Tue, 4th May, 2024 at 06:14 PM


  • MySQL database
  • MySQL account with a read right.
  • MySQL account allowed to connect remotely to the database from the IP address:
  • Check the rights of your MySQL user.


  1. Move to Adriel’s Connections page.
  2. Type “MySQL” into the search bar.
  3. Fill in the five required and optional fields accordingly to the database that you want to connect to Adriel.
    - Host: Database host name

    If your database is hosted behind a firewall, whitelist the following IP address:

    Check the settings of your hosting machine or your hosting provider.

    - (Required)Database: Database name you want to import
    - (Required)User: name of a user allowed to read data and connect to your database.
    - (Required)Password: Password of your MySQL user account.
    - (Required)Port: Database port; default port of MySQL is 3306

    - (Optional)Alternative Channel Name: Alternative name for the data source
    - No icon is provided as a default for this feature. However, there are channels that can use internally saved icons and display next to the channel name you just wrote down. 
    - Refer to this guide to input the correct name to display the icon.

  4. Click the “Submit” button below to complete the data connection.