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How to connect to the Naver GFA

Detailed instructions to help you set up the data source for Naver GFA

1. On Adriel's Connections page, type "Naver GFA" into the search bar.

  • You can also simply type "Naver" into the search bar and select "Naver GFA" from the given list. 


2. Proceed with connection settings by clicking the "Naver GFA" connector. 

  • Enter the "Advertiser ID" of the account.
    • Advertiser ID can be checked through the Naver GFA website.
      It is in the format of numbers at the end of the URL.
    • ex) https://gfa.naver.com/adAccount/accounts/1234567?accessAdAccountNo=1234567


3. Enter the "Account Name" in the given field and click the "Submit" button.

  • It can be same as the ad account name or any readable/distinguishable name is sufficient.


4. After submitting, a new data connection will be created on the [Connected data sources] list with a "Pending" sign.


5. As soon as we check the settings, we will send an invitation via email for you to become a member of our account. Click the blue hyperlink attached to the email to finish the acceptance process.

  • Email Title: [네이버 성과형 디스플레이 광고] 광고 계정의 멤버로 초대 받았습니다.
  • Email Sender(From): gfa_noreply@navercorp.com


6. On the redirected page, accept the administration access to Adriel's account. 

  • Adriel's account name will be indicated in the received email. Usually, it would be on the very top of the list as below. 


7. Data is successfully connected. It might take some time to see data on your dashboard.