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How to connect Unity ads

Unity Ads is the ad monetization solution for mobile games from Unity Technologies. It enables mobile game developers to monetize their entire player base via ads which are native to Unity-based games.



  1. Type "Unity ad account" into the search bar.
  2. In the opened panel, fill in the information required.

  3. Click the 'Submit' button.


How to fill in the information

When you connect your Unity ad account, a panel requiring a variety of information will be opened on the right. This information can be easily found within your Unity ID account.

Organization ID, Organization core ID

  1. Log in to your Dashboard on your Unity ad account.

  2. Go to [Growth] -> [Settings].


API key

  1. Log in to the Dashboard on your Unity ad account.

  2. Go to [Growth] -> [API Management] -> [Stats API Access].


Key Id, Secret Key

  1. Log in to Dashboard on your Unity ad account.

  2. Go to [Growth] -> [About & Support] -> [Support].


3. Contact Unity Support by email to enable your Service Account and Management API for your organization.

4. Once you receive a reply, create a service account.

5. Add the following organization roles to the service account.

  • Advertise API Apps Editor

  • Advertise API Campaigns Editor

  • Advertise API Creative Packs Editor