How to connect Walmart Advertising to Adriel

Detailed instructions to help you set up the data source for Walmart and get your Walmart Advertiser Id.

How to set up an account to connect to Adriel

  1. Create a new Walmart Seller Account 
    • First of all, have a valid email ready. You will need it for the next steps.
      (This user's email and password will be needed for input on step 2 and 5.)
    • Create a new Walmart Seller Account using the valid email address through this link.
  2. Invite the newly made 'Walmart Seller Account' to your main account by following the below steps.
    1. In the Walmart Seller Center, click “Settings” and click “User Management”. You need to be an admin to access the “User Management” page.  
    2. Add the newly made account by clicking “Add User”.

    3. Fill the form as follow and save by clicking the “Add” button.

      - First Name: Adriel
      - Last Name: Connector
      - Email: put the email address 
      - Role: Read Only

How to connect your Walmart Advertising account

  3. Please follow this link: Adriel's Connections page.

  4. Type "Walmart Advertising" into the search bar.

  5. Enter the following two fields with the account that was made on step 1. 

  • E-mail Walmart Account: new Walmart Seller Account's email
  • Password Walmart Account: new Walmart Seller Account's password


  6. Enter the field of Advertiser Id by following the below steps.

How to get your Walmart Advertiser Id

  7. Go to this URL:

  8. Click the “Sign in as Seller” and go to the “Sponsored Search dashboard”.


  9. Select the campaign that you want to connect.

  10. Click on Reports > Advertiser.

  11. You can find your Advertiser Id in the URL.


  12 . Copy your Advertiser Id for input on step 6.

  13. Click the “Submit” button, and you are done!

Please wait, your data will arrive soon. It can take up to one working day.