Setting marketing KPIs from your dashboard

Your Adriel Dashboard allows quick and easy access to integrated advertising campaign data as well as KPI achievements. Learn how to establish and periodically check appropriate KPIs for your business situation

What is the Dashboard KPI Settings feature?

This function allows you to enter KPIs and compare them with current figures only for the important advertising campaign indicators; CPC, CTR, CPM, CPV, and View rate. Above all, KPIs can be set in any custom line, including campaign groups, ad campaigns, ad sets, and individual ads in the dashboard.

● Cost Per Click (CPC) - Cost per click

● Click Through Rate (CTR) - the ratio of clicks to exposure, i.e. ad click rate

● Cost Per Mille (CPM) - Cost per 1,000 exposures

● Cost per view (CPV) - Cost per video view*

● View Rate - The ratio of views to the number of video exposures

*If the metric is longer than 30 seconds per video view, it will be counted as one inquiry

How to take advantage of easy and fast dashboard KPI settings

1. After accessing the dashboard, go to your ads table, click on the Settings icon on the top right of the ads table widget.

2. When the Pivot Table Customization pop-up window appears, select the relevant KPIs to show in the ads table.
3. On the ads table, click on the KPI of the specific channel / campaign / ad set / creative you want to set, and a pop-up like the below:

*You can set KPIs in all custom rows, including campaign groups, ad campaigns, ad sets, and individual ads.

4. KPI setup is complete.

Feel free to modify the KPI box according to your achievement, comparing current figures and forecasted KPIs all in one place.