Campaign control panel

Make changes to campaigns, ad sets, and creatives from the Adriel Dashboard

The Adriel Dashboard gives you a quick overview of the publication status of your campaigns, ad sets, and creatives running on multiple channels. You can stop running an ad or restart an add from this very panel at a click of a single button.

1. Preconditions

To change the advertising publication status, you must have the 'Admin' or 'View and Edit' role within that workspace.

Learn more about the roles and privileges of workspace team members

2. Scope of application

Most advertising channels consist of the following breakdown:
campaign > ad set > creative (individual ad)
You can apply on/off changes to any of the above breakdowns.

3. Application method

1. Log in to your Adriel Dashboard.

2. Check the status switch shown below in the campaign table.

3. Change the status by clicking the switch next to the campaign, ad set, or creative you want to change the status of the publication. When the switch changes to blue, the campaign, ad set, or creative is activated.
When the switch changes to gray, the campaign, ad set, or creative is disabled.
If you turn off the campaign, all advertising sets and ads contained within the campaign will be disabled and publication will be suspended.

If you turn off a particular ad set, only ads in that ad set will be stopped. The status of other ad sets contained within the same campaign will not be affected.

If you turn off certain ads (individual creatives), only those ads will be disabled and will not affect the status of other ads.