Which data sources does Adriel support?

Adriel supports 600+ data source integrations via its proprietary API connections

Direct API Integrations 

Browse our primary integration library here. Connections are offered in two categories: Basic and Premium. 


The basic connectors are supported by out proprietary API connection developed and maintained by our team, offer instant real-time data connection, and come to you at no extra cost.  


Adriel can connect to your data source through a third-party premium API connections. Premium connections are those which have a yellow crown icon next to them in our connections library.

screenshot_2023-06-27_at_2.10.00_pmVarious platforms may have their unique connection requirements which will be indicated in a pop-up window to the right when you select the relevant source.

1. Follow the recommended process or reach out to your onboarding specialist for connecting the premium data stream. Setting up a premium connection may require contacting the source data platform for connection details (e.g., for generating API key, etc.)

2. Once a connection is established, share with us a sample csv report to identify the custom metrics and dimensions you would like to access on your Adriel Dashboard. 

Note that premium connections may come at an additional per-connection cost

Secondary Integrations 

If you wish to see data from sources not supported by API integrations, not self-reported, or without a third party API connectivity, you can still connect them to your Adriel Dashboard through our database API connectors for Google Spreadsheet or via a database or a csv upload.

Learn how to connect your Adriel Dashboard to Google Spreadsheets here or get in touch with your onboarding specialist to learn more about importing data to your Adriel Dashboard.